What my clients say

Having found Bowen therapy it is a great compliment to other alternative therapy I have received. Gentle unobtrusive and highly effective it’s helped me gain insight into both myself and my body. I found Ania to be very warm and welcoming, I immediately felt at ease in her company. She’s thorough in her diagnosis and intuitive in her treatments.
Ania treated me when I had a serious post-natal back problem. I had tried doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists with only limited success. After three sessions of Bowen with Ania, my tilted pelvis was completely better. It doesn’t seem as though it should work, being such a gentle therapy, but I found the results startling.
I had tried lots of things to get rid of tension headaches and to be honest I had resigned myself to thinking that I would have them for the rest of my life. When I heard about Bowen I thought it was worth a try to see if it made a difference. The experience was incredible. From the very first session it reduced my headaches and after a couple of sessions they were completely gone!
Ania is an exceptional therapist with a truly magic touch and a refreshingly holistic approach to a wide range of physical problems and imbalances. After each treatment, my stress levels have decreased, various minor complaints have tended to correct themselves without any further conscious effort, and the quality of my sleep has improved.