Ania treated me when I had a serious post-natal back problem. I had tried doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists with only limited success. After three sessions of Bowen with Ania, my tilted pelvis was completely better. It doesn’t seem as though it should work, being such a gentle therapy, but I found the results startling. I still see her regularly to support my general health. Ania has also helped my small daughter with mobility and confidence, again with clear and excellent results. She has a warm and kind manner and is very insightful about individual needs. Highly recommended.


I had tried lots of things to get rid of tension headaches and to be honest I had resigned myself to thinking that I would have them for the rest of my life. They came sometimes as often as once a week and I only knew how to manage them with pain killers but not how to make them go away. When I was tired or run down they could really impact my day or a few days at a time. When I heard about Bowen I thought it was worth a try to see if it made a difference. The experience was incredible. From the very first session it reduced my headaches and after a couple of sessions they were completely gone! Not only that but other aches and pains also improved like lower back pain from carrying my toddler. The technique is so clever because it sees the whole body as interconnected and Ania is an amazing practitioner of it. She is so welcoming, completely non-judgemental and encouraging. She really cares about her clients and listens to you. She is very precise and focused on excellence in her practise. Now I go back about every 3 months to keep everything in alignment and if I start to get headaches again I know it’s time for a Bowen reset! I really look forward to the sessions – they are very relaxing ‘me-time’. I’ve also learnt tips through them generally for better living and Ania is very empowering, for example giving me exercises I can do at home to relax my shoulders etc. I highly recommend trying Bowen for all types of aches and pains, even if you’ve tried lots of other things before and I couldn’t recommend Ania high enough as the person to do it with.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Bowen therapy to even those who are extremely sceptical about the benefits of alternative treatments. Ania is an exceptional therapist with a truly magic touch and a refreshingly holistic approach to a wide range of physical problems and imbalances. After each treatment, my stress levels have decreased, various minor complaints have tended to correct themselves without any further conscious effort, and the quality of my sleep has improved. Most importantly, I have become much more aware of the triggers which lead to my nervous system becoming over-stimulated and overwhelmed. Thank you, Ania – and I wish you all the best for a flourishing business.


Having found Bowen therapy it is a great compliment to other alternative therapy I have received. Gentle unobtrusive and highly effective it’s helped me gain insight into both myself and my body. I found Ania to be very warm and welcoming, I immediately felt at ease in her company. She’s thorough in her diagnosis and intuitive in her treatments.


Ania helped me greatly with my shoulder pain. I injured my arm while rock climbing. A visit in osteopathic clinic actually caused me more pain afterwards so I was really looking forward to gentler way of dealing with injury. Ania has warned me not to climb for a while and this recommendation was really difficult to live with but my climbing wasn’t so great with painful shoulder anyway, so I managed somehow;) The whole treatment was really powerful and I was really pleased with the effects. After three sessions I made a great recovery and was ready for more climbing. I still do some exercise which Ania showed me to prevent future injuries and keep my body in better balance. Highly recommended to try Bowen with Ania.


A friend of mine recommended Ania while I was in an acute sciatica pain. It was so severe that I had difficulties walking normally. I was using lots of over-the-counter drugs to manage my pain with very little success. I was really shocked as I started feeling so much better after first couple of moves in the beginning of the first session with Ania. And in the end of my treatment my pain miraculously almost disappeared. I really thought Ania did not do much, and the whole treatment was so gentle that I was very sceptical that it could work. Ania is really gentle, warm and supportive person and I recommend her without any doubt to anyone with pain, aches or muscle imbalance.


Ania is an exceptional person and practitioner – warm, generous and extremely skilled with an infectious enthusiasm. I trusted her completely from our first meeting. I hadn’t heard of Bowen before but find it profoundly helpful. Especially remarkable are the distance sessions – really astonishing to experience results from miles away. Magical!


Ania has been an amazing source of support throughout my recovery from emergency surgery in these recent months of Lockdown. She generously provided regular distance Bowen sessions and helpful advice to relieve my pain and speed up the healing process. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!