Does Bowen help my condition?

Bowen does not treat symptoms or disease but helps to re-balance your body. It can be helpful in treating following conditions.

Can I have cloths on?

Ideally, I would like to work directly on your skin (you will keep your underwear on). However, if you prefer to have clothes on, please wear one layer of thin, loose cotton.

What does the children session look up?

I would prefer it if you give me as many details as you can before your first visit so the child does not have to listen to us talk about his/her problems. I usually stay in the room the whole time with younger children so they will not be confused with me leaving and coming back in between moves. I am very patient and always respect the child so I will do moves only when the child allows me to do so. I am happy to show them Bowen moves on teddy bear (they can bring their favourite ones with them) to help them feel more comfortable during the session. During the breaks children can play with toys. An adult (parent or carer) needs to be present in the room throughout the treatment with any child under 16 years old.

How many session do I need?

If you are new to Bowen I highly recommend you try a set of three treatments. Usually, most complaints improve within three sessions. Sometimes the difference is remarkable after the first session. But please note that even if your friend with the same symptoms came back to full health after a single session, your body might need more. I do everything I can to make you feel better in the shortest possible time but healing is a process and sometimes it takes longer. If you did not notice any difference after the first session I would recommend you try another type of whole body therapy. Sometimes the difference is very subtle and this is why I ask you lots of specific questions at the beginning of each session so we can chart how your body reacts to Bowen Technique

Why I am not getting better?

One reason for that could be that your body is very wise and is prioritising healing the most important condition first. For example, Bowen will help to reduce your stress level first before dealing with your pain. Also please be aware that your condition might be caused by incorrect posture, bad sleeping habit, not enough exercise or poor diet. You might want to change those patterns for long lasting relief.

How long do I need to wait till the next session?

Treatments should be scheduled in intervals, between five to ten days (ideally one week) apart so your body has enough time to integrate all the messages received from the previous session. Bowen works for several days after the session.

I came to cure my headaches. Why do you perform moves in lower body?

Bowen Technique is a holistic therapy and treats the whole person. The moves are performed in different parts of the body as we try to address the root cause of the problems, not only the symptoms. Sometimes the problem is not in the place where symptom occurs but in a different area of connective tissue or muscle. For example, it is possible to have a headache if the pelvis is misplaced, which causes whole upper body imbalance.

What should I do to maintain a healthy body?

Ideally, you should have a well balanced diet (without any potential allergens), be taking regular, safe exercise, sleep in an appropriate position and maintain a low level of stress (via e.g. meditation, relaxation practices).

I want to know more about the Bowen Technique

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about Bowen Technique.