The session

Before first session

Your body will respond better to Bowen treatment if you are well hydrated. Please drink plenty of pure water before coming to the treatment.

Before our first session I will send you a client information sheet to fill out, which covers your medical history, general health and your mental well-being. I would like to understand your problem as best I can so please give me as many details as possible.

First session – consultation and treatment

During the first meeting, we will look closely at all provided information to establish your health goals. Thus, the first session may be slightly longer than usual and could last up to 70 minutes. Once the goals are set we will begin the regular Bowen treatment.

The subsequent session

At the beginning of each session I will ask you a few general questions regarding your health, energy, stress and pain levels and assess your posture so we can record your body responses to Bowen Technique sessions.

The first few Bowen moves help your body to reach a deep level relaxation. Your autonomic nerves system shifts from sympathetic mode (fight or flight) to much calmer parasympathetic one (rest, relax and repair). In this state, healing is easy.

After each set of moves I leave the room for a few minutes so I do not interfere with your body’s response to the Bowen moves. During this important break your brain starts collecting, processing and integrating the information so your body can heal itself. You become more aware of the areas needing attention. The breaks are a key element of the Bowen Technique.

I perform every single Bowen move with focus, sensitivity and care.

If you are new to Bowen Technique you will benefit most from having three Bowen sessions one week apart.

After the session

After your first session you might be really surprised by how gentle the treatment was. Sometimes you can see a huge change in your body immediately after the session, other times you will need to wait 5 to 10 days – until the whole healing process is integrated into your body. For some people the session might not be spectacular but the final effect is amazing.

Please try to walk after the session so your body will be supported by its activity while integrating.

Please try not to sit for longer than 30 minutes and do not cross your legs while sitting as this can displace the pelvis.

You should avoid exhausting activities between the sessions. I know that sometimes this is difficult to do but the treatment can be more effective if the body is not under huge strain.

Drink plenty of pure water.

Do not have hot or cold baths and do not use a power shower as these can have an effect on muscle tension and interfere with Bowen work.

Avoid any other body therapies which can interrupt the body integration (e.g. massage, osteopathy, alexander technique etc).

I may ask you to do some simple exercises at home to support your healing.

Maintenance session

Some clients keep coming back to receive Bowen – even if they stop having their usual problems – as a way of maintaining good health. Bowen Technique also has preventive effects. It helps the body keep its own harmony on every level so it less likely to develop an illness. In these instances it is usually suggested to have a session once every two/three months or if you feel something is getting out of balance.


Please note that all sessions need to be booked in advance but I will make sure to find the most suitable slot to you.

The session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, on average 45 minutes. 

Adult, child or toddler – £45

Mum and baby session – £45 



I do not want anyone to be excluded from my practice. Please let me know if you need a concessionary rate so we can discuss further.



Recommend a friend to Bowen by Ania and you will receive £10 off on your next session.