About me


I’m Ania Lopatynska, qualified Bowen Technique therapist (Original BowTech) based in Moray (Forres – IV36). I am delighted that you are here, looking at my website. I hope to give you as much information as possible about myself and Bowen technique but please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further details.

I am originally from Poland but have been living in United Kingdom for the last 20 years. I have a lovely supportive partner and very lively son. I am passionate about natural and healthy cooking. I enjoy running, skiing and rock climbing in my free time. I also love spending time on my little trampoline to support lymphatic drainage. I try to take regular Iyengar Yoga classes as well.

Professionally, I enjoy every moment spent in my Bowen practice and becoming a therapist was the best decision of my life.

My healing journey

I discovered Bowen Therapy in a very similar way to what many other Bowen therapists and Bowen clients have experienced. I had chronic lower back pain for more than 10 years, developed due to a few sport related injuries. I tried many different types of therapies to manage my pain ranging from physiotherapy, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation therapies through to very painful Rolfing treatments. I tried regular painkillers and natural supplements and nothing seemed to work for me. I did everything I was told by my therapists: stretching, exercising, meditating, forgetting about or accepting the pain. But the pain would disappear for a day or two and then come back again…

I felt like I was stuck in a vicious circle, with no way out. During my pregnancy, when my lower back pain was even worse than usual, I looked into non-invasive therapies. While I was washing up my dishes I heard about Bowen Technique on the radio. Having a Masters of Science degree, and thus very analytical mind, I was sceptical about Bowen but running out of options. I thought it was worth giving it a try and so found a local therapist. 

After my first session of the Bowen technique, I had my first full night’s sleep in eighteen months. I was so impressed that I decided to book few more sessions. Within three appointments my pain was around 1 on a scale of 0 to 10 which was tremendous difference.

Being passionate about Bowen

I became a great fan of this gentle treatment and decided to learn Bowen Technique whilst on maternity leave. It was the best decision of my professional career. After studying just a few modules I was able to offer help to my friends and relatives. Then, after becoming fully qualified practitioner, I opened my own practice.

I work from my home in Forres. I keep my treatment prices affordable and always allocate enough time for each client. I gain enormous pleasure from supporting my amazing clients in their own healing process. I offer safe and non-judgmental treatment to clients of all ages (from tiny babies to senior citizens) with a huge range of conditions (please have a look here: link to conditions).

I am often astonished by the spectacular results that can be achieved by the seemingly subtle moves and procedures of the Bowen Technique I use in each session. In fact, Bowen has had such a tremendous impact on two of my clients and their healing journey that they decided to take a course in the Bowen Technique.

I myself have regular Bowen sessions to stay healthy and well balanced so that I am always ready and able to help others.

My training and qualifications

  • ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

  • Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate

  • Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapeutic Technique – The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech- The Original Bowen Technique)

  • I had my fundamental training (Module 1-7) with Jacqui Hoitingh – a very experienced, precise and supportive Bowtech instructor

Since qualifying I completed additional post-graduate courses:

  • Revision and Intuition with Jacqui Hoitingh and Luisa Agliatta

  • Module 8 with senior Bowen instructors: Ellen Cobb and Nicola Hok

  • Module 9 (advanced training) with Ellen Cobb and Joanne Figov to master my qualification

  • Importance of Symmetry with Graham Pennington

  • Art of Bodywork with Alastair McLoughlin

Taking additional courses regularly helps me maintain high standards in my profession and keep expanding my Bowen knowledge.

I am fully insured by Holistic Insurance Services and a full member of Bowen Association UK (BAUK).